Residual Development Appraisal Software

This software is designed for anyone involved in residual development appraisals whether they use detailed cashflow analysis or ‘back of the fag packet’ appraisals.

If you are residential or commercial developer, a surveyor, broker, advisor or financial institution you will find our software exceptionally beneficial.

The directors within ProDeveloper have considerable experience in developing property analysis and data management systems as can be seen by our sister company BOE Information Systems.

In addition to the team of highly skilled software writers we also have the backup of experienced professionally qualified RICS staff who can understand most development scenarios and are available to answer any questions on how to use and apply the software.

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Shawn Kelf
Peak Developers

A big thank you for the excellent software and as important the very best of customer service we have enjoyed in our long relationship. I wish the rest of our consultants and contractors would adopt some of your "can do" approach.

Data Entry

After working very closely with professional property developers we have created a product that is compatible with the logical simplicity of a ‘fag packet’ yet has the sophistication to enable detailed client and bank presentations.

ProDeveloper Chart Builder

Graphical Representation

The software presents the data in a readily interpreted graphical format which is constantly changing as the data is entered or when existing figures are readily ‘flexed’, allowing for on-the-spot scenario analysis.

ProDeveloper Reports

Professional Reports

Reports are presented in Word, PDF and Excel formats which are easily customized with Company logos, details and readily ‘flexed’, allowing for on-the-spot scenario analysis.

You can include as many sections of the appraisal to create a truly personalized and presentable development case study.

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