If you think property valuation software is expensive, confusing and difficult to use - think again!

BOE Valuer is ideal for

  • Investment Agents
  • Valuers
  • Property Managers
  • Private investors in commercial property
  • Students and academics

Valuer assumes at least some basic knowledge of commercial property valuation, eg. capitalisation and discounted cashflow methods. Please note it is not suitable for valuing residential property.
Demo of Valuer
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Why we think downloading BOE Valuer is well worth 15 minutes of your time

  • Easy to use - Do traditional, DCF and IRR valuations all from within the same, clearly laid out and intuitive screen - no hopping around from dialog box to dialog box.
  • Powerful - want to value to an initial yield? From an equivalent yield? What yield do I need to achieve a value of X? How do I achieve an IRR of Y%? What impact does gearing have? What about if I have to pay for a refurbishment? Answer all of these questions (and more) in seconds.
  • Affordable - no need to have "the valuations PC" tucked away in a corner. Our low-cost subscription model (as low as £299pa per user, a fraction of the price of alternative products - including the market leader) means you can afford to have a copy for everybody in your company who needs it.
  • Flexible - One of the banes of the property industry is typing in data again, so we've worked hard to make sure you can import from as many sources as possible, including CVL files and tenancy schedules in Microsoft Excel using our Excel Import Wizard
  • Scaleable - it can handle anything from a single unit to a portfolio of shopping centres.
  • Start simple, then add the details - we've designed our interface so that you can get a ballpark valuation done as quickly as possible, with just the bare minimum of data. Then, once you've got a feel for the numbers, you can start refining your model. eg. detailed ERV analysis (shown below), modelling ERV growth, allowing for refurbishment costs, the impact of gearing, etc.
  • Fast - Lightning quick valuation times, even for larger portfolios.
  • PISCES compliant - you can easily swap data with other professionals who use other packages as BOE Valuer can import and export all of your core tenancy information using industry standard PISCES files. (For a list of other software packages that support PISCES, click here.)
  • Customisable - our clear, intuitive reports screen allows you to change the layout of your reports and pick and choose exactly what to include. You can then print or export to Word, Excel, or PDF.
  • One program does it all - no need to keep buying extra (expensive) modules to do what you need - BOE Valuer does cashflows, costs, loans, headleases, multiple erv growth projections, and portfolio or property analysis... all in the one, standard package.
  • Get a real insight into your valuations - we believe in making our calculations as transparent as possible. So you can step through our cashflows and valuations property by property, unit by unit, with on screen reports, printed reports and graphs. In the main screen you can even check individual unit valuations by just moving your mouse over their name, as shown below.
  • At a glance analysis - see immediately which are the most important tenants in your portfolio, by rent, erv, area or covenant strength.
  • Manage your portfolio - for small investors, BOE Valuer is the ideal package to monitor your properties. Not only can you value them instantly, our Events Diary shows you a full list of forthcoming reviews, break clauses and expiries. For Microsoft Office users you can also export reminders of key dates to your Outlook diary.
  • Quick to install - you can download and start using BOE Valuer within 30 seconds. No database to configure, no site visits, no expensive training required. Everything you need to get going you can get from our web site or through our online support forum. We also offer a free online training session - click here for details
  • Regular, automatic updates - why should you have to come looking for a new version of the software? As soon as an update is available, BOE Valuer will tell you and download and install it automatically.
  • Constantly evolving in response to your feedback - we need (and thrive on) feedback from our users. So if a feature is missing, or doesn't quite work as you'd expect or like - tell us.
  • Benefit from our extensive property experience - we've been designing software for our commercial property clients since 1995, and enjoy excellent ongoing relationships with leading companies such as Helical Bar Plc, Churston Heard, Propex, Wilkinson Williams and Storeys:SSP. See some of our testimonials here.
  • Share data with a single click - You can email BOE Valuer or PISCES files with a single click. The email includes a link so they can download their own free copy of the software, which means they can be looking at the same information as you within a few minutes.
  • Try it for free! We only want you to buy BOE Valuer if it's of proven value to you. And what better way to do that than to let you try it out for as long as you want? Download your copy here



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